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In these times of pandemic we know the importance of caring for our loved ones and as cleaning professionals, we have made available to our clients our service of disinfection and sanitization of professionals environments and surfaces, with this service more than 99.99% of microorganisms are eliminated.
The service is performed based on the application of ozone gas, this gas is very efficient and friendly to the environment, ozone particles reach all corners, encapsulate and destroy all kinds of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and protozoa. , as well as in the degradation of chemical compounds such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and those responsible for bad odors, so an additional benefit of ozone disinfection is deodorization. After one hour the ozone is transformed into Oxygen, which makes a healthier environment. Ozone is used in industrial kitchens, food factories, hospitals, clinics, offices, and homes.

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